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Teaching, at university level or for the general public ( see my outreach page for more details), has an important place in my professional career as a senior astrophysicist. My current position (faculty professor equivalent) comes with many opportunities to fulfill my goals, and to foster the curiosity of fledging students; helping them finding the best career path, and teaching them important concepts including scientific thinking, writing & presentation skills; to equip them with all they need to become successful individuals.

I have twelve (12) years of university teaching experience, seven (7) of which I have taught at postgraduate level. During my Ph.D. at the UWC in South Africa, I had the opportunity to teach introductory classes in physics and astrophysics to Bachelor undergraduate students.

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At the research faculty (University of Nairobi) and externally, I have had the privilege in mentoring graduate students, both at the MSc and PhD levels. My commitment to fostering a vibrant learning environment is reflected in the personalized mentorship I provide to my students. I have supervised and mentored eleven (11) MSc students to completion, and currently mentoring four (4) MSc and three (3) PhD students: In addition to this, I co-mentor students from other related scientific departments/universities through collaborative projects. See my students’ page for more details.


I render a transformative journey that extends beyond the confines of classrooms with focus on intellectual growth, and holistic character development.


Education is a transformative journey that not only imparts knowledge but cultivates critical thinking, creativity and curiosity.


My goal spans to fostering holistic development, critical thinking and lifelong learning into my students.

Study at your comfort and at the palm of your hands.

Boost Your Career by Learning Skills in High Demand

Classroom teaching at the department of physics, University of Nairobi.

I believe in six (6) essential elements that promote conducive and successful learning: 

  • All students are unique and must be accorded balanced learning environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and academically.
  • A professor’s role is to guide, inspire, stimulate, provoke learning and instill critical thinking in students. I accord my students with a stimulating learning environment that makes this possible.
  •  Students must be allowed to think and have access to engaging and creative hands-on activities and exercises.
  • Students must be allowed room to make choices and let their curiosity direct their learning.
  • Students must be given opportunity to practice skills in a safe and conducive environment.
  • Technology is an essential tool that must be incorporated and used to assist the learning process. I am a champion of digital and online learning, with an interest of developing a unique, efficient, high effective & integrated learning platform that will transform the learning process through leveraging on existing online e-tools and e-technologies. 
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